Chef Training Magic as Autumn draws in…

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Chef Training Magic as Autumn draws in…

What an amazing month it has been.  We arrived in our new home on August 18th with our belongings, all the kitchen equipment and our two cats and Aura dog.  In the 3 weeks that followed we wasted no time in getting set up ready for student arrivals in September.  Making the beginnings of the training kitchen was a wonderful challenge and we now have a workable ‘field kitchen’ space, nice for our individual workshops.

We began assisting around the small holding too, getting a feel for the land and the people living here, which is a sheer pleasure. Waking here each morning has been a magical experience and we are loving to share that with all who come here on retreat.

We are now 4 weeks in to our first Chef Training courses and this coming week will have our very first Graduate, Chef Lana, who completes her 3 weeks with us on October 5th!

After this we begin to wind down for the Winter.  Does this mean we stop creating??? Oh no…of course not!  Over the resting months I offer short workshops locally and attend small fairs sharing food.  I am also beginning to write my first hard copy book, which will be published in 2013 ~ more on that as it manifests!

My activities continue with college education ~ I am a student of Nutritional Therapy with the Nutriheal Foundation, graduation is July 2013!

There is so much to share with you about the huge plans forming right now to begin the creation of the UK’s very first and most unique rejuvenation centre.

Here is a vision I wish to share with you ~if you find it speaks to your soul, please feel free to share with your networks.

I wish to share with you, in written word, the vision for the healing centre we are desiring to manifest ♥
I lovingly invite you, to vision this with us, so that we are fully charging the Universal messaging with our vision ♥

Imagine a woodland of broadleaf, cradling a lush meadow, rich with wild flowers, crossed by Ancient footsteps leading to abundant forest gardens full of fruits and perennial plantings, casting gentle shade on those who walk these paths.

Leading us into magical herb gardens, with reed beds and flow forms, energising the water which gushes forth with life. Into productive and healthy vegetable gardens which feed our appetites on all levels, buzzing with the bees who carry messages between worlds of earth and spirit.
Here and there are resting places to sit and contemplate the power of now.
Central to all this glory of Gaia are the dwelling spaces, of earth, wood, stone and sky, powered by the solar rays and wind song, natural and harmonious with Mother.
There are outdoor communal gathering places, to sit, make music, eat and laugh, and an outdoor kitchen, bringing the very deepest of healing foods to our souls delight.
Our hearth sits here, waiting for us, to come, to build, to share with all who seek to belong on this earth in health and happiness once more ♥

Blessed be for sharing our vision ~ please feel free to pass on this vision to all who are in tune with our eyes and hearts ♥


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